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Energia PD-240 Type-C Cable

The official OCPC Energia Max 240W Type-C to Type-C Cable built-in E-market chip to support fast charging up to 240 Watt.

  • Support Power up to 240 Watt (48V/5A)

  • Data Transfer Rate up to 40Gbps

  • Video Output: 8K / 60Hz

  • Gold Plated plug

  • Premium Nylon Sleeved material for highest durability

  • Computer to all Type-C devices such as Laptop, Desktop, Portable HDD, mobile phones, tablets, & etc.

  • 10 Lengths available

OCPC PD-240 TYPE-C Cable 5.jpg


Support Power up to 240 Watt (48V/5A)

OCPC PD-240 TYPE-C Cable 7.jpg


Ultra High Data Transfer Speed

OCPC PD-240 TYPE-C Cable 6.jpg

USB4.0 Interface

Premium Gold Plated Plug

Sleeved Cable

Premium Quality Material for Durability

Cable Clip

1x Cable clip included in each pack for cable management

OCPC PD-240 TYPE-C Cable Clip.png
8K Logo_edited.png


High Quality Display Cable

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